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Made in Spain (but available in English too)

Green UFO's. Spanish distribution company with good taste.
Acuarela Discos . We like this label and we like their site.
Rompepistas. Hello Cuca's label, very DIY and very tastefull.
Colectivo Q. Balago, Ursula, D4 Insight, Tan Low... ¡spanish-post!

Imported (in English)

Crank. Irene has and will always recomend the online version of this American 'zine.
The Onion. More fun than USA Today.
Venus Magazine. Doing justice to the greatest ladies of the underground.
Utopia. To quote June of 44 : This is the greatest place on earth
Perfect Sound Forever. Exploring the lesser known corners of music since 1993.
Nerve. Raquel Welch said "My favorite erogenous zone is my mind, Dick".
Radio A really cool way to listen to radio.