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Artista Título Sello Fecha
Sarah Dougher Bluff Mr.Lady 06/11/2001
Jim O'Rourke Insignificance Drag City 12/11/2001
Ativin Interiors Secretly Canadian 12/11/2001
hollAnd Borthwick helene Temporary Residence 19/11/2001
Parker Paul Wingfoot Jagjaguwar 19/11/2001
Sonna Kept Luminesce/Mirameko Temporary Residence 22/01/2002
Cerberus Shoal Mr. Boy Dog Temporary Residence 22/01/2002
TW Walsh Pollen Songs My Pal God 29/01/2002
Songs:Ohia + Shannon Wright Split EP Jade Tree 18/02/2002
Songs:Ohia Didn't It Rain Secretly Canadian 05/03/2002

Artista Título Sello Fecha
Sybarite Placement Issues Temporary Residence 29/10/2001
Papa M Whatever, Mortal Drag City 29/10/2001
Aroah + Nacho Vegas Seis Canciones desde el Norte (EP) Acuarela/Limbo Starr 29/10/2001
Bobby Conn The Golden Age Thrill Jockey 23/10/2001
Trans Champs Double Exposure (EP) Thrill Jockey 23/10/2001
Mogwai My Father My King (EP) Rock Action 23/10/2001
Loscil Triple Point Kranky 22/10/2001
Stars of the Lid The Tired Sounds of... Kranky 22/10/2001
Piano Magic Seasonally Affective 1996-2000 Rocket Girl 16/10/2001
A Silver Mt. Zion Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward Constellation 16/10/2001
Le Tigre Feminist Sweeptakes Mr. Lady 16/10/2001
Chris Brokaw + Viva las Vegas s/t (EP) Acuarela 15/10/2001
Billy Mahonie What Becomes Before Southern 15/10/2001
Julie Doiron Desormais Endearing/Jagjaguwar 09/10/2001
Scout Niblett Sweet Heart Fever Secretly Canadian 08/10/2001
Halifax Pier Put Your Gloves On and Wave Temporary Residence 08/10/2001
Per Mission A Ritual Loop Monitor 02/10/2001
The Butchies s/t (EP) Mr.Lady 02/10/2001
Fruit Bats Echolocation Perishable 02/10/2001
Fridge Happiness Temporary Residence 25/09/2001
Handsome Family Twilight Carrot Top 24/09/2001
Amor Belhom Duo Amor Belhom Duo Carrot Top 24/09/2001
Amor Belhom Duo Wabelab Carrot Top 24/09/2001
Aerogramme Story in White Matador 21/09/2001
VV.AA Tramps, Traitors and Little Devils Drag City 18/09/2001
Smog Rain on Lens Drag City 18/09/2001
Spokane The Proud Graduates Jagjaguwar 17/09/2001
Songs:Ohia + Scout Niblett Lioness / Miss My Lion split EP Secretly Canadian 17/09/2001
To Rococo Rot Pantone EP City Slang 11/09/2001
Tara Jane O'Neil In The Sun Lines Quarterstick 10/09/2001
Retsin Cabin in the Woods Carrot Top 04/09/2001
American Analog Set Know by Heart Tiger Style 04/09/2001
Stereolab Sound Dust Duophonic 03/09/2001
Irmin Schmidt & Kumo Masters of Confussion Spoon/Mute 01/09/2001
Mus Aida - Bliss Out Series n.17 Darla 28/08/2001
June Panic Silver Sound Sessions (EP) Super Asbestos 27/08/2001
Explosions In The Sky Those Who Tell The Truth... Temporary Residence 27/08/2001
HiM New Features Bubble Core/ Fat Cat 31/07/2001
Thalia Zedek Been Here and Gone Matador 31/07/2001
The Owls s/t Jade Tree 31/07/2001
K New Problems Tiger Style 17/07/2001
Edith Frost Wonder Wonder Drag City 17/07/2001
Pram Somniloquoy Domino 25/06/2001
Patrick Phelan Songs of... Jagjaguwar 18/06/2001
Bonnie Prince Billy More Revery (EP) Temporary Residence 18/06/2001
Juno A Future Lived in Past Tense DeSoto 18/06/2001
VV.AA Membranaphonics (Variois Drummers) Monitor 18/06/2001
Ida The Braille Night Tyger Style 05/06/2001
Hanged Up Hanged Up Constellation 29/05/2001
The Album Leaf One Day I'll Be On Time Tiger Style 22/05/2001
Aroah Cuando termines con todo ... Acuarela 21/05/2001
Fontanelle F Kranky 21/05/2001
Joan of Arc How can anything so little be any more Jade Tree 15/05/2001
Sonna We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight Temporary Residence 15/05/2001
To Rococo Rot Music is a Hungry Ghost City Slang 30/04/2001
Low + K Those Girls (EP) Tiger Style 24/04/2001
Mogwai Rock Action South Paw 24/04/2001
The Mercury Program All the Suits Began to Fall Off Tiger Style 23/04/2001
Mouse on Mars Idiology Sonig/Domino 23/04/2001
Re: mnant Constellation 23/04/2001
Paul Newman Reissue, Repackage! Reevaluate... My Pal God 16/04/2001
TW Walsh Blue Laws Truckstop Recordings 01/04/2001
Hood Home is Where it Hurts (EP) Domino 26/03/2001
Bonnie Prince Billy Ease Down The Road Domino 12/03/2001
Mouse on Mars Actionist Respoke (EP) Sonig/Domino 05/03/2001
Windy & Carl Conciousness Kranky 01/03/2001
Arab Strap The Red Thread Matador 27/02/2001
Third Eye Foundation I Poopoo on your Joojoo Domino 26/02/2001
Giardini di Miro The Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting Fcition Friction 26/02/2001
Tortoise Standards Thrill Jockey 20/02/2001
The New Year Newness Ends Touch and Go 20/02/2001
Low Things we lost in the fire Kranky 01/02/2001
Shipping News Very soon, and in pleasant company Quarterstick 01/02/2001
Jim O'Rourke Bad Timing Domino 29/01/2001
Brokeback Morse Code in the Modern Age: Across the Americas Thrill Jockey 23/01/2001

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